Unlikely Nomads

In Search of the New Church

A change has begun. In the haste to return our local congregations back to pre-pandemic “normal,” few have opted to take a step back and consider the big picture, Kingdom perspective of the new work Jesus is doing in his church.

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Unlikely Nomads (book cover)

Many committed individuals who thought they would always remain in the congregational fold, are leaving in search of something more...

Like Abraham, these faithful pilgrims are on a journey to new lands and a restored hope for the local church. They are unlikely nomads.

Offering thirty years of wisdom gleaned from coaching and resourcing the local church in America, Terry Walling describes the journey being undertaken by more and more passionate Christ-followers. Unlikely Nomads is a call to hear, and follow, the Great Shepherd to a new and different kind of church.

Six Postures to help keep each nomad on
the paths that lead into the future
Six Guides that can help point the
way toward new expressions of church
New Practices that can help sustain nomads
as they journey in the days ahead

Available in paperback
and on Kindle

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“Many are the nomads who now are on journey toward the new. I meet them everywhere I travel. Terry’s new book offers both pastoral encouragement and prophetic voice to those now following Jesus to a new and different church. Can a book change how you view your place in the church? This one might.”

— Alan Hirsch
Author & Founder of
Movement Leaders Collective

“The paths toward new church forms means leaders personally engaged in fresh, new postures and practices, led by vital guides. Terry Walling takes us on a journey, at some points painful, at other hopeful, for what might emerge. Read this book. Let it disturb you and push you towards a hope-filled future for the church.”

— Kurt Fredrickson
Associate Dean,
Fuller Theological Seminary

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