Are You Stuck?

Are you feeling restless? Confused? Uncertain? Isolated? Stuck? You don't know what lies ahead but you know you can't go back? If so, you may be in a season of transition.

There are two truths about transitions that you can count on. First, God does some of his most significant work shaping a leader’s life during a time of transition. Second, even the most mature leaders and Christ-followers can get lost during a transition.

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God does some of his greatest work during times of transition. We may want out of these moments, but God wants in.

Stuck! Navigating the Transitions of Life & Leadership by Terry Walling will help you to better define times of transition and to navigate the in-between time. Stuck! will teach you about the path a transition often takes, will address questions of "why?" and will help you get all you can out of your transition.

Stuck! identifies three defining transitional seasons in a Christ-follower's life. Each transition takes a Christ-follower deeper in his or her faith, catalyzes new growth and moves them closer to finishing well.

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Stuck! sets the stage for Leader Breakthru's Leadership Development Series. This series is made up of three books. Each book offers new hope and clarity to one of these significant transition moments that all Christ-followers will face.

At Leader Breakthru, we have one focus: Coaching and resourcing the development of risk-taking Kingdom leaders like yourself—leaders who are hungry to make their Kingdom contribution, and who are committed to finishing well.

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