Get clarity.
Break through.

Each of us will experience multiple transition moments in our journey. So, the question is not if we will go through transitions, but rather, will we get all we can out of our times of transitions? We offer coaching designed to help you discover what God is up to during your transition, helping you better align with His work.

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You don’t get to clarity alone.

Mentors place insights within you.
Coaches draw insights out.

In a time of transition, there many external voices seeking to influence your decisions and direction. This reality often exacerbates feelings of uncertainty and confusion that are so prevalent when you’re in the middle of a transition.

A coach’s role is to both help you process all that is occurring, and to walk with you, helping recognize the Spirit’s still, small voice that’s inviting you onward.

God does some of his more important work in transitions:

Clarifying lessons

Refining Values

Healing from past hurts

Identifying future direction

Processing each of these items and discerning God’s leading is accelerated with the help of a coach. Leader Breakthru has certified personal development life coaches that can help you not just survive your transition, thrive as you break through into the future.

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“I was in the middle of a major role and organizational transition that I can’t imagine having navigated without the wise guidance of Leader Breakthru. Their transition coaching brought clarity when the waters were murky and gave me courage to stay the course when I was tempted to step back.”

— Rob Yackley, Creator of Thresholds

Are you in a transition?

Learn more about what a transition is and how God works during these times by watching this video from the TRAC Coaching System.

TRAC is an online coaching tool designed to help you assess your development needs, set your course, and run the race ahead of you. Learn more about TRAC →

In a transition, but not quite ready for coaching?

Along with transition coaching, we offer several resources and online, personal development processes to help you navigate these important seasons in life.