Make disciples. Develop leaders.
Change Your Church’s Culture.

The Local Church Cohort is a strategic learning community comprised of six churches and their leaders for an 18-month group learning process, helping you to reshape your church’s culture and program delivery around discipleship and leadership development.

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The Local Church Cohort offers an affordable resourcing process for churches committed to apprenticing followers of Jesus and to building ‘churches without walls’ into their communities.

Over the span of 18 months, you and up-to four of your leaders will participate in:

Six quarterly training sessions
(6-hours each)

Six personal coaching calls
for the senior leader

Six consulting sessions
for the Development Team

The Local Church Cohort offers you and your church a process approach to change consisting of experiential online training, local church consultation and the coaching of key leaders.

What You Receive:

Six Quarterly Sessions (36 hours of training)

Participation in Two Quarterly training sessions (resourcing and coaching of others) (16 hours)

18 personal coaching calls for the senior leader leadership (18 hours of coaching)

10 consulting sessions for the Development Team (10 Hours)

80 Total Hours of
Training, Resourcing, and Coaching

18-month Cost: $300/month
($3,600 USD)

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Details & Training Overview
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“If you are looking for a holistic, God-honoring, development process, look no further than Leader Breakthru’s Local Church Cohort. It is outstanding at developing your strategic skills while leading you deeper in your walk with Christ. As a pastor, I highly recommend it. Terry and his team are outstanding at developing God-honoring leaders. If you can only pick one development process then pick Leader Breakthru’s.”

— James W., Lead Pastor

Training Overview

Our six, quarterly online training sessions will cover the following topics:

Session 1: Lifelong Development

Six hours of introduction to lifelong development of a Christ-follower and the creating of spiritual rhythms and practices that sustain growth and build the capacity to better recognize God forming work.

Session 2: Coaching & Formation

Six hours of skills training related to coaching and mentoring through the IDEA Coaching Pathway, and the TRAC Coaching System. Insight into how God shapes each of us over time and the three core stages of development.

Session 3: Discipleship Path

Six hours related to the construction of a discipleship pathway for all believers that includes ongoing growth related to Christ, community and character. Models and postures are reviewed and a contextualized pathway is developed.

Session 4: Apprenticing Communities

Six hours related to creating communities and groups of growth and practices, living out the life of Christ together. Focus is on each person developing a “front yard mission” and recognizing the clarity comes together in the midst of community.

Session 5: Leadership Pipeline

Six hours related to developing a pathway between discipleship and leadership in the local church setting. Understanding the story of influence and leadership, and helping individuals better recognize how God has shaped each person for influence and a unique contribution.

Session 6: Development Culture

Six hours related to architecting change and a culture of developing and discipling believers. Moving the church beyond attractions and programmatic focus and onto mission and the making passionate disciples who learn to thrive in the today’s culture.

The Local Church Cohort may be your important next step in developing leaders and refocusing the culture of your church around discipling apprentices of Jesus.

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