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Each of our life stories is filled with a series of experiences—some good, some difficult—that have shaped who we are and are part of discovering the work God has for us to do. The Timeline helps you see how God has been at work in your past, and where He might be leading you in the future.

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The Personal Timeline Tool

There has never been a time when God has not been at work in your life. God develops each of us over our lifetime. Right now, He is actively at work, shaping your character and skills.

The question is not whether God is at work in you life, but how. Creating your sticky-note timeline gives you eyes to see.

This video will help you to gain a big-picture view of your development and help you better recognize how God has been at work shaping you as a person, shaping your leadership, and help you identify your core values and unique contribution to others.

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“We have used the timeline tool with hundreds of church, missional and marketplace leaders all across Asia, helping them gain clarity of their Kingdom calling and contribution. The process is simple and amazingly powerful!”

— Joel L., The Breakthrough People

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Learn more about how to interpret your timeline by watching the Lifelong Development video from the TRAC Coaching System.

TRAC is online coaching tool designed to help you assess your development needs, set your course, and run the race ahead of you. Learn more about TRAC →

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The Timeline exercise is a central part of our online, personal discovery processes: Focused Living, Apex, and Resonance Online. Learn more about each process: