Your Post-it Note Timeline

Each of us has a story. Every story is filled with a series of life experiences—some good, some difficult—that have shaped who we are and the part we are called to play.

God develops his followers over a lifetime. He actively shapes their character and skills. The question is how has He shaped your life? This video will help you to gain a big-picture view of your development and help you better recognize how God has been at work shaping you as a person, your leadership and your unique contribution to others.

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The Timeline exercise is a central part of our online, personal discovery processes: Focused Living, Apex, and Resonance Online. Discover how God is as work:

Calling—Focused Living

Focused Living
Discover Your Calling

Focused Living explores calling, life direction, core values and purpose, helping you craft a personal vision for the future.

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Clarify Your Contribution

Apex looks at contribution, helping you learn to say “no” to the good, so you can say “yes” to God’s best.

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Experience Convergence

Resonance is all about convergence, helping you empower others as you leave a Godly legacy and look to finish well.

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