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Are you feeling restless? Confused or uncertain? Isolated? All of us get to a point in our journey, where we don’t know what lies ahead, and yet know we can’t go back to what was. These seasons of transition are some of the most challenging in a Christ-follower’s life. Stuck! offers insight and guidance to help you navigate the transitions of life and leadership.

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Stuck! (book cover)

God does some of his greatest work during times of transition.
We may want out of these moments, but God wants in.

There are two truths about transitions that you can count on. First, God does some of his most significant work shaping a Christ-follower’s life during a time of transition. Second, even the most mature leaders and Christ-followers can get lost during a transition.

Stuck! is about finding God in new ways and discovering his purposes, while at the same time, surviving and navigating through a time of transition.

The book addresses questions like:

What is a transition? How do I know if I am in a transition? What is the pathway through the transition? How does God use transitions to shape my life and direction? How do I know when the transition is over? What can I expect in the future?

Stuck! also identifies three defining transition seasons—each taking a Christ-follower deeper in their faith, catalyzing new growth, and helping them live, lead, and ultimately finish well. These three key transitions are:

The Awakening Transition

Discovering one’s life direction
and personal calling

The Deciding

Clarifying one’s greatest contribution,
core passions and major role

The Finishing

Moving towards convergence, finishing well, and leaving behind a godly legacy

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“Walking through my transition, applying the principles in this book, as well as experiencing the coaching relationship with Leader Breakthru, has made an incredible difference during my transition, and impact on my life direction.”

— Jeff Galley,
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“Terry has a unique ability to help leaders pay attention to what God is doing in their discipleship and leadership journey… especially at key transition points. What he says will bring you to a greater sense of discovery, clarity and destiny.”

— Dr. Tim Roehl, Author & Coach

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