Strategic Concepts

A Self-study Manual Defining and Applying Focused Life Concepts to Leaders Today


Strategic Concepts

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by Dr. J. Robert Clinton

A self-study manual defines and applies the Focused Life Concepts to leaders today. This work was originally written in 1995 by Dr. J. Robert Clinton and used in classes at Fuller Seminary. After ten years of use, the book has been revised to show the latest findings gathered from these ten years of studies of leader’s lives. The manual gives results of research on focused lives: life purpose, effective methodologies, major role and ultimate contribution.

The resource is a major tool for decision making and help in movement toward a focused life. The concepts will be used by leaders for their own lives and for others as they mentor them toward completion of an Ephesians 2:10 life. This is the culminating work that completes the material on life long development given in the Leadership Emergence Theory Manual.

(Digital Download—PDF. Not Printed Hard Copy.)