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God is at work.

God has always been at work, shaping your life and Kingdom contribution. Your ongoing development and renewal is key to being able to live, lead, and finish well. Our coaching blends coaching and personal development to help provide breakthrough in your journey.

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You don’t get to clarity alone.

Coaching your development is about helping you processing the people, events and circumstances that have played a part in shaping your life. As Christ-followers, each of us goes through a series of stages and strategic transitions in our development, that help us stay the course and finish well.

Coaching helps you:

Process current circumstance & challenges
Process your convictions, passions, role & core values
Process where you are in your development and what’s next
Process crossroads/transition moments
Process God’s call for a deeper journey with Christ
and help you make important decisions

Our Personal Development Coaching packages include six coaching appointments spanning the course of three months, and include free access to Leader Breakthru tools/resources.

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“As a young leader, my life has been significantly impacted through the personal development coaching, resources and tools of Leader Breakthru. They coached me through a significant transition, and helped me identify and better grow in who I am as a leader.”

— Zack Curry, Jesus Culture Church
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The resources below can help you test the coaching waters and further explore the ways a coach can make a difference in your development as a Christ-follower and leader.