You don’t get
to clarity alone.

Coaching creates moments of discovery in a safe-place environment of trust. Coaching is about voice recognition: helping you better recognize the voice of Christ in your life as he brings clarity to your journey.

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Mentors place new insights within you.
Coaches draw insights out.

Foundational to your development as an individual and leader is the ability to process and understand the ways in which the people, events and circumstances around you are shaping your life. Processing is key to your discipling as a Christ-follower.

Coaching can help you:

Process current circumstance & challenges
Refine Values and understand role
Acknowledge and heal from past hurts
Identify future direction

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“Leader Breakthru’s coaching has been instrumental in my development as a leader. Their insights have sparked both clarity and creativity in my life and leadership. Their personal development coaching goes beyond technique and fads to get to the heart of what God is up to in a leader’s life.”

— Daniel Allen, Author & Coach
Not quite ready to dive in?

The resources below can help you test the coaching waters and further explore the ways a coach can make a difference in your life as you process and navigate the complexities of life and leadership.