Discover your Calling.
Live a focused life.

Following Jesus means living a focused life. But living with passion and purpose in a world that’s constantly competing for your attention is like finding your way through the wilderness without a compass or map. Focused Living can help.

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Focused Living is an online personal discovery process designed to help you clarify life direction.

With the power to ignite new hope and greater courage in the lives of committed and passionate Christians, Focused Living helps clarify purpose, vision, and core values. Discovering your calling helps set you on trajectory to live, lead, and finish well.

If you are in your 20s to mid-30s, and/or have been wrestling with questions pertaining to your life purpose and direction, the Focused Living Online process can help you discover the answers.

Discover the call that God has placed on your life.
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“After years in personal transition, I became frustrated by my inability to discover God’s call. Focused Living provided me with the tools to discover God’s direction in my life and now, to lead others to a similar awakening.”

— Alex G., Ministry Leader

Focused Living can help:

Provide clarity on how God has been shaping one’s life

Clarify personal values and core convictions in life and ministry

Fuel a greater passion for personal intimacy with Christ

Bring focus to life direction, helping one discern what’s next

Create a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment as a Christ-follower becomes more intentional in their personal calling

Get licensed to facilitate
Focused Living in your context

Want to lead others to breakthrough using Focused Living? Our Facilitator License gives you all of the training and tools that you need to successfully direct and facilitate an on-site Focused Living Retreat in your context.

The Focused Living Facilitator License gives you:

  • Access to the online, Facilitator Portal
  • Training videos to help guide you through each session of the Focused Living process
  • Facilitator notes for each session, schedules and timelines, and tips for an effective event
  • PowerPoint/Keynote slides to use during the retreat
  • Authorization to purchase Focused Living participant workbooks

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