Leave a Godly legacy,
and finish well.

Many leaders reach the end of their lives and wonder if their life has truly mattered. Many realize that much has been left unfinished. But finishing doesn’t mean you are finished. If you wish to “run the race until the end,” leaving behind a Godly legacy, this book is for you.

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Finishing (book cover)

Finishing was written to help committed Christ-followers complete the race set before them—to leave a godly legacy that will last.

The final book in Leader Breakthru’s Leadership Development Series walks through the Finishing Transition (introduced in the book, Stuck!). This transition typically occurs during the final and most strategic season of a Christ-follower’s life, usually between the ages 50 to mid-60s. Here, God moves individuals beyond the authority of position, and into greater influence. Finishing provides ways to better recognize God’s shaping voice and discern the few things one must do as they live out there days.

Finishing tells the story of a passionate Christ-follower as he walked through the Finishing Transition and sought to answer questions regarding influence without position, and entrustments. Each book in the Leadership Development Series can be worked through individually, with a small group or with a certified coach.

Along with the included small group guide and coaching resource, this book aims to assist individuals who work in the marketplace, on the campus, in neighborhood settings, in new missional expressions, or in the local church by helping them:

Gain insights about
navigating the end game
Identify core insights one faces
in the final stages of life
Identify the core postures that
facilitate a good finish
Learn how to better interpret
God’s shaping work
Overcome some of the hurdles
on the way to convergence

Complete the race set before you.
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“I needed an alongside guide and voice who could engage me where I was, and help me become clear about what God was doing. The principles and insights in this book helped me sort myself out on both a head and heart level. It has given me a quiet confidence and direction for the important steps I needed to take into my future.”

— Robert G., Pastor & Coach

Are you in the Finishing Transition?

If you are in your 60s to mid-70s, and have been wrestling with what it means to be faithful to God in “retirement”, or with what it looks like to mentor and empower others, the Resonance Online process can help you find your way on the final leg of the journey.

Resonance is an online personal discovery process designed to help you finish well and leave a Godly legacy. Learn more about Resonance →