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Have you lived a life that has made a difference? Leaders who reach the end-game often wonder if they lived their lives in line with what God intended. They wonder if they will hear, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”

Experiencing convergence is about bringing together all of who you are with all of what you do. Convergent ministry is about finishing the race well. This is especially key for leaders who are in there early 60s to mid-70s. If you find yourself wondering about your legacy, and what you will leave behind, then the Resonance Process can help you live a life that lives beyond its years.

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The Resonance Process is a personal development process designed to help individuals gain clarity in the areas of legacy, influence, mentoring and empowering others. Resonance has the power to help leaders achieve a convergent ministry and to set them on a path to finish well and live beyond their days.

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If you have experienced the benefits and breakthrough of the Resonance Process, find out how you can be trained to facilitate the process for others. Our Facilitator License gives you all of the training and tools that you need to successfully direct and facilitate the Resonance Process in your context.

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finishing the race set before you
Terry B. Walling w/Robert Grant

Finishing is a new book by Terry Walling.

Finishing is designed to help risk-taking Christ-followers finish well, and leave behind a godly legacy. Leaders in the Finishing Transition are moving towards convergence in their ministry by merging all of who they are with all that God has given them to do.

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