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Coach the Person.

Most start coaching to help others grow. Along the way, we begin to wonder if we’re really helping or just putting ‘bandaids’ on problems. Breakthrough is tied to being able to coach the person, instead of just the problem.

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We offer coach training, coaching resources & online processes designed to help those you coach breakthrough and move forward.

What makes our coaching method different? It’s the integration of coaching with personal development. We teach you to coach with “development eyes” and to recognize how God is at work in others. Breakthrough comes as a result of good coaching skills, an understanding of how God shapes disciples and leaders, and by following the lead of the Holy Spirit.


In-person & Online Training to Coach Breakthrough

Pinpoint the ‘issue behind the issues’ with TRAC.

TRAC is a situational coaching tool designed to help coaches quickly pinpoint a Christ-follower’s personal development needs based on their present circumstances and challenges.

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Books & Online Tools to Help You Coach the Person