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coach breakthrough.

Breakthrough in coaching is tied to being able to coach the person, instead of just the problems they face. Our unique, experiential coach trainings integrate coaching with personal development—helping you learn to recognize how God is at work in others.

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We offer three levels of Coach Training:

Each interactive and experiential training builds off the previous.

We offer them online and in-person.

Level One:
Coaching Skills Training

Our Level One: Coaching Skills Training will take your coaching and ministry skills to a whole new level. This interactive, online event offers training in four core skills using the IDEA Coaching Pathway, and offers direct application to a variety of ministry contexts.

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“Leader Breakthru’s brand of coaching is becoming an invaluable resource for our churches as they make disciples. Focusing on the development of the leader—not just the skills of leadership—has had a tremendous impact.”

— Steve H., Denomination Leader
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“Quality training and an excellent resource which has resulted in an effective coaching system for helping us develop the personal and professional lives of our leaders. We highly recommend Leader Breakthru Coaching to you.”

— Bruce P., Denomination Executive

Level Two:
Coaching the Person Training

Our Level Two: Coaching the Person Training helps you learn how to better join God in his work as you coach. Building on the four core skills covered in Level One, this training provides new insights into how to “coach the person,” instead of just the problem.

Level Three:
Coach Certificate

Our Level Three: Coach Certificate combines the skills and paradigms gained from the Level One and Level Two trainings, into an ongoing new behavior and delivery system that you can offer to those you seek to help. In addition, it prepares you to move towards ICF accreditation.