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What might God be calling you to be and to do for His glory? Living a life that counts means living with clarity of your personal calling—It means living every day fully alive.

Discovering one’s calling sets passionate Christ-followers on a trajectory that leads to influencing the lives of others and finishing their race well. This is especially vital for leaders who are in there early 20s to mid-30s. If you find yourself in this age group, and/or have been wrestling with questions pertaining to your life purpose and direction, then the Focused Living Process can help you discover the answers.

Ready to gain clarity about your personal calling? Want to learn how to help others find the breakthrough they need? Choose the option below that’s right for you or those you lead:

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Focused Living Online Mapping Your Journey

The Focused Living Process is a personal development process designed to help individuals clarify the call that God has placed on their life. Focused Living has the power to ignite a new hope and greater courage in the lives of passionate Christians, by helping them to clarify their purpose, vision, and core values.

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Facilitator License Focused Living

If you have experienced the benefits and breakthrough of the Focused Living Process, find out how you can be trained to facilitate the process for others. Our Facilitator License gives you all of the training and tools that you need to successfully direct and facilitate the Focused Living Process in your context.

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awakening to the call of God
Terry B. Walling w/Zack Curry & Kyle Walling

Awakening is a new book by Terry Walling written for risk-taking Christ-followers, who seek to clarify God’s call on their lives.

Stirring in their hearts is a craving for something more, but how they should respond and which direction their lives should take all remains uncertain.

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