Awaken to the
Call of God.

As a young person, your heart stirs for something more, but questions around how to respond and which direction to take linger and remain uncertain. If you long for a purpose that gets you up in the morning, and a vision for the future that wakes you up at night, this book is for you.

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Awakening (book cover)

Awakening was written to help risk-taking Christ-followers live intentionally for Christ and make their lives count.

This first book in Leader Breakthru’s Leadership Development Series walks through the Awakening Transition (introduced in the book, Stuck!). This transition typically occurs early on in a Christ-follower’s life, usually between the ages 20 to mid-30s. It’s here, individuals must make decisions about life direction, personal values and what it means to respond to Christ’s call to discipleship.

Awakening tells the story of a passionate Christ-follower as he walked through the Awakening Transition and sought to answer questions regarding life direction, purpose and what it means to live life for Christ. Each book in the Leadership Development Series can be worked through individually, with a small group or with a certified coach.

Along with the included small group guide & coaching resource, this book aims to assist individuals who work in the marketplace, on the campus, in neighborhood settings, in new missional expressions, or in the local church by helping them:

Better understand this key
transition moment in their life
Gain practical ways to
identify God’s shaping work
Learn from those who have already
walked through this defining moment
Identify core disciplines to help them
better recognize God’s voice
Overcome some of the hurdles
to embracing their calling

Awaken to God’s call on your life.
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“Great guide to take one deeper into discovering who God made you to be and how we should leverage our lives according to the personal calling each of us has been given by God. I can’t wait to finish my transition, then use this book in my toolbox tocoach others in the awakening transition.”

— Jason C. Review

“Amazing book full of wisdom and direction and vision and guidance all in the same package! I think just about anybody could get something out of this if they were open to receiving greater clarification and direction for their life on how to live to the highest calling and purpose in Christ.”

— Josh W. Review

Are you in the Awakening Transition?

If you are in your 20s to mid-30s, and/or have been wrestling with questions pertaining to your life purpose and direction, the Focused Living Online process can help you discover the answers.

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