Clarify your contribution.
Be the leader you’re called to be.

Leaders who reach the mid-point in life and leadership face a whole new set of questions: What should I be focusing on? Of all the things I can do, what should I do? Apex can help you answer those questions.

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Apex is an online personal discovery process designed to help you clarify your unique, Kingdom role.

Apex has the power to bring greater clarity and confidence in the life of a leader, by helping them uncover their unique, Kingdom role and contribution. Clarifying your major role and core methodologies provides a decision-making grid to ensure you live, lead, and finish well.

If you are in your 40s to mid-50s, and/or have been wrestling with questions related to your major role and core passions, the Apex Online process can help you discover the answers.

Clarify your contribution and Kingdom role.
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“There are times when God makes Himself super evident in our pursuit to know His purposes in our life and work. Apex is the vehicle God has used to bring new clarity to my core values, my major role, and my effective methods. I now lead with greater intentionality, confidence, and impact!”

— Sonja D., Speaker, Trainer & Women’s Ministries Coach

Apex can help:

Provide clarity one one’s unique,
Kingdom contribution

Identify one’s major role

Identify the core functions/methods used to make a unique impact

One make their best contribution in all the domains of their life

Develop a decision-making grid to help one navigate the second-half of their journey

Get licensed to facilitate
Apex in your context

Want to lead others to breakthrough using Apex? Our Facilitator License gives you all of the training and tools that you need to successfully direct and facilitate an on-site Apex Retreat in your context.

The Apex Facilitator License gives you:

  • Access to the online, Facilitator Portal
  • Training videos to help guide you through each session of the Apex process
  • Facilitator notes for each session, schedules and timelines, and tips for an effective event
  • PowerPoint/Keynote slides to use during the retreat
  • Authorization to purchase Apex participant workbooks

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