Personal Development.

One size does not fit all, and discipleship never stops. God uniquely shapes each of our lives over our lifetimes, which means there is never a time when discipleship is not occurring. TRAC coaching helps you look at key areas in your development, where God focuses his work.

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TRAC360° Assessment & Coaching helps you assess your needs, set your course, and run the race ahead of you.

The TRAC360° Assessment provides a Christ-followers perspective on their current development, and then provide a personalize plan for discipling and breakthrough in the days ahead. The TRAC360° also identifies a critical area that could be holding them back by first looking at four key areas of personal development:

(life direction)

(sustaining life)

(clarifying identity)

(life decision making)

TRAC Coaching focuses on processing new discoveries and addressing needs surfaced by the TRAC360° Assessment. The end result: new clarity on how God is at work developing you, leading to breakthrough in the days ahead.

TRAC Coaching packages include four coaching appointments, free access to TRAC as well as other Leader Breakthru resources.

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“TRAC has helped me to gain personal clarity on my own journey—where I am at and what help I need to move forward. It has given me clarity and confidence in helping others experience the same breakthrough!”

— Grace L., Coach & Ministry Leader

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